Thursday, January 22, 2009


Sorry for the lack in posting... We have been staying pretty busy.

Last Friday was Sibling Night. Bradley and Amy came over and we visited our newly opened 5 guys for some burgers and fries. Bradley saw Target in the same shopping center so we stopped by there to pick up a "toy". Before heading home a Golden Spoon stop was made. Once we got home game night commenced. Paul and I introduced them to Catan (Paul won). Then it was time for Bradley's new Trivial Pursuit game. It was past midnight so we hung out for a short while then Bradley and Amy headed for home.

Saturday Paul and I saw an early movie then I headed for SD and Paul went over to hang with Daryl and play Catan with a couple friends.

Sunday and Monday I spend in SD with my Mom (update to come) and Paul sadly had to go to work.

There is lots more to catch up on but now I must go teach PE.

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Darth said...

you forgot the part where i dominated trivial pursuit.....again!