Thursday, December 11, 2008

Star Struck

When we found out that TK had never been to the Walk of Stars in Hollywood we knew what our mission after work on Wednesday was. Everyone piled into the car and off we went... to sit in traffic. Once we got there it was time to seek out food, a brief stop for sandwiches and we were off to explore. The three of us walked for a short while before finding that the area in front of Groman's was blocked off. TK asked the security guard what was going on and would the area be opened up before the end of the night. It was explained to us that a movie preview was going on for Nothing Like the Holidays and if we had made it there just an hour prior they were still handing out tickets to see the movie! Down but not out we decided to wait around to see if we could catch any of the actors on their way out of the theatre. We were successful!Once all the actors left the area we were allowed back in front of the theatre so we commenced with the checking out of the hand and footprints. Down the block a little ways we found Santa's village (I KNOW HIM!) so we had to stop and grab a few photos.
At this point it was REALLY late so it was back to the car and to bed with us.

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