Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today and Tomorrow

Today I was busy again at work. Early on we caught 2 kids with dirty drug tests. One of them was packing his stuff to run away, but I talked him into staying. He's real impulsive so who knows if he'll stay or for how long. Another kid decided to create his own family session and invite his whole family to sneak onto campus. He figured he'd just slip out to the parking lot and hang out in the car with them.

Tomorrow is our annual "Safety Fair". I'm looking forward to hours of trainings on how not to fall down around campus, the meanings of road signs I may encounter while in the company vans, and the proper way to put on and take off latex gloves. Ooh, and how could I forget: Holding a fire extinguisher (though not actually using it) to learn how to "sweep the hose" and "put out" a piece of plywood with a campfire painted on it. The only mildly entertaining bit of any of these trainings is at the end of the driver's safety class when the instructor plays Frank Sinatra's "I'm Gonna Live Til I Die" while showing a collection of car crash videos he's downloaded.

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