Sunday, November 02, 2008

Journal 11-2-08

Since we've neglected the blog a bit lately, we figured we'd enter the yearly "blog every day" contest which started yesterday. Three blogs in three far so good.

Last night we went out to BJ's with the family to celebrate my grandfather's birthday as well as my own. December is too busy for everyone to get together and we all have to share a birthday dinner. This just happens to be the closest one. I got a lot of gift cards and a new biography of John Lennon that came out last week and my mom heard was really good. My mom's cousin Monica was down from San Jose to attend a memorial service this weekend, so she joined us too.

Before I had to run off to work today, we made a side trip to Best Buy to spend some of my gift cards. I got the new Guitar Hero game with a mic. I also picked up Batman Begins and The Goonies cause they were both $4.99 on dvd. I still have cards left over for another time.

Work was busy: smoking, fighting, lots of confrontations, and a kid trying to expose himself to a staff working her first day. I ended up staying 45 minutes late writing reports. I have to be back there in 8 hours so it's off to bed for now.

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