Saturday, November 01, 2008

Computer issues...

Last week we got a deal for cable that included their cable internet service. The package wasn't much more than we were paying for our DSL internet and the required phone line that we almost never use. We agreed to make the switch.

When they came to install the cable, they had to use quite a lot of wire around half the apartment. They wanted to do the same around the other half to reach our computer too. I decided I'd just move our wireless router into the living room where it could be hidden easily enough and still not involve adding more wires.

Today I finally got a chance to go to Best Buy to get the adapter for the desktop computer so we could finally switch over. I came home, hooked everything up, and got nothing. After much frustration, I called the cable company. After over an hour on the phone with them, they figured out that their modem wasn't working right. We got it to the point where if we plugged the modem into the computer we got a signal, but the router still wasn't working.

That meant a call to the router's manufacturer. After another frustrating hour plus on the phone with "Vincent" from an Indian call center, we are back online. I hope it lasts, because I was told that was my one courtesy call before they start charging me for it.

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