Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hutchins Fishing Trip

Yesterday, the Hutchins fishing trip finally happened. My dad used to go fishing a lot, but hadn't been in years. We decided to fix that by giving him a day trip for Father's Day. Sadly, it took this long for us to find a weekend when we were all free. So bright and early Saturday morning, we made our way to the dock at 5am (ok, one of us actually made it there at 5, but I'll protect the guilty). We got all our stuff and away we went, out towards Catalina.

"I'll bet my paycheck that before the day is through, he'll say he's the King of the World."

This was one of the first fish that was caught. Yeah, it was mine. However, that was the end of the Hutchins fish haul for quite a while. Eventually we got some tips and each pulled a few more out later in the morning.

They fixed up all our fish at the end of the day. We got 4 bags of meat, and enough filets for several meals. Now we just have to convince my mom and Cyndi to cook them up.

On the way back in, we heard about the Yorba Linda fire and could see all the smoke. As sad as that was, the smoke and ash in the sky made for an awesome sunset. We spent the trip back taking a lot of pictures and talking to the other guys on the boat. One guy in particular explained more about the underworkings of Vegas than one could imagine. Crazy stuff. We made it back to San Pedro about 5pm. When we got there, the exact cruise ship that Cyndi and I took to Alaska was just leaving the harbor. The tourist season in Alaska ends in September, so that ship now goes between LA and Mexico. Here are some pics from the trip back home.

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Those sunset pictures are amazing.