Saturday, November 15, 2008

40 already?

Last Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Marc Henning's 40th birthday. Everyone gathered at Samer's house in San Diego to celebrate Marc. This is the view from the backyard!Chillin'Erin and Tiffany.Party was catered with great Mexican food. Singing "Happy Birthday" Marc blew out the candles before we finished, he said he thought if the candles were blown out we would stop singing. Catching up with old friends.

There was a great turn out of VGC'ers of yester-year. I had a nice time catching up with familiar faces and talking about where we have all been and what we've done with ourselves for the last 7-10 years. Jason, Erin (Dolbey), Myra, Tim, Erin, Samer, Kjirsten, Nichole, Annie, Erica, Bethany, Brandi, Jordan and Andy just to name a few. Some brought husbands, wives and children. It was crazy to see what paths life has taken us down. I look forward to another mini "reunion" in the future.

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