Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Out of Order

Pauls parents were nice enough to come pick us up and bring us home from the airport on the 16th of August. We stopped to grab dinner on our way. While we were sitting and chatting in the living room Cyndi got up to use the bathroom.

"Uh, Bubba... Paul? We have a problem!" comes just moments later from the bathroom.

"What?" is the response figuring there is probably a spider, ant or other creature Cyndi doesnt like to remove from the area.

Cyndi then explains that there is grossness (read SEWAGE!) all over the bathroom and Paul comes to look at what she is talking about. Paul then heads upstairs to tell the manager. After a few minutes he comes back and tells everyone that the manager simply told him that it happened a week ago, the problem was fixed and WE SHOULD JUST CLEAN IT UP!

Paul tells him no we are not going to clean it up, the manager agrees to call the owner and fill him in on the situtation and then he will call us. So we pack up our stuff and head to Paul's parents house.

The following day we come back home to see what the deal is... there is no response from anyone. Manager isnt home, owner wont return phone calls. Finally we call a company to come out and assess the damage for us. They say it will be over $700, Paul thanks them for coming out but we have to get owner approval before hiring anyone. We wait around a little while to see if we can get ahold of anyone. After having dinner we go back up to the ALH for the night.

The next day Paul heads back down to the apt. the owner is scrubbing down the place on his own! Paul says he went over it about 3 times with different cleaning solutions. Paul asked him about the fact that this stuff has been sitting in our closed up apt. with no windows open and no fans for 9 days and the owners response was he didnt think it would be a problem.

Cue Paul and Cyndi looking for a new place to live.

This event caused us to not be able to live in our apt. for 3 days, it ruined our bath mats, and it made it all the way into our closet next to the bathroom. Items that will be discarded because of gross water damage include 4 rolls wrapping paper, boxes for my school stuff, a kite, pillow, 2 pillow cases and camping toaster maker which has never been used.


Darth said...

why didn't you change the title to casa de just sounds better.

Becky said...

that happened in our kitchen when we lived there!!! ugh!!!!! i hope you can find a better place to live soon. that is pretty sick. i can smell it just seeing the pictures!

Anonymous said...

OMG how horrible! I had a similar issue, but it was only water, not the sweage assiciated with it. We were out of twon for a week adn when we got home, there was water in the light fixture on our hallway. Turned out that the people above us had an exploding toilet and no one came to check to see if there was any damage to our apartment. It's their moldy isue now, not ours.

Cyn said...

darth-cause i went to sleep.

becky-oh, this isnt the first time this has happened. we had an issue similar to this but we were home at the time about a yr ago. We also had it happen in our sink. I have lovely photos of those as well if you click on our label it will bring them all up.

anonymous- yea, it was so not fun to deal with. ours usually doesnt come through the ceiling if there is an issue it comes up on of the pipes in the bathroom or kitchen. this will soon not be our gross/moldy mess to deal with either.

Erin said...

awww, just like the good ol days in azusa when the bathroom of the people above us flooded and came raining down in our apt. yours is way nastier looking though

MOM H said...

Mom H
Do I get "Mother-in-law of the Year" Award for taking you poor homeless children in? Always glad to have you, and yes, we will be there to help you move out