Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where have you bean?

May 30th - Amy and I had a girls afternoon and went to see Sex and the City

May 31st - Thanks to a security guard at work we were given free tickets to the Avengers Game. It was my first arena football game and quite a spectacle

June 1st - Jeri and I went to see a free screening of Alien Trespass

June 6th - Paul and I decided to go see a double feature tonight and took in Vegas and Zohan

June 7th - I woke up to the smell and sound of Paul cooking breakfast we had a lazy day of playing mario kart and reading

June 14th - Paul took an extra shift and went fishing with his boys. Then we met up at Spaghetti Factory for family dinner night to celebrate birthdays and Fathers Day

June 16th - I headed down to SD yesterday for church, shopping and a movie because I had a dentist and ortho appointment today

June 18th - I got to see three of my 8th graders Graduation this evening

June 19th - The 8th graders who graduated were able to go to Knotts today and I volunteered to be a chaperon I should have looked at the weather report first it was so dang hot but we still managed to have a great time

June 20th - Thankfully Paul had today off and was able to come help me clean out the classroom after which we decided to grab some lunch and go see a movie

June 22nd - It is still very hot in our apartment so I ran off to the movies for a triple feature of Panda, Guru and Hulk

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