Tuesday, May 27, 2008

C - Update

Health- I was sick all weekend. So much for all my plans for getting work done, hanging with friends and cleaning the apartment. Instead I was only conscious for about 6-8 hours each day. The rest of my day was spent sleeping or semi-conscious watching TV on the couch. I almost made it an entire school year without getting sick.

Work- PRAY!! I have been given notice (just like last year) that my contract will end. The difference is they did not tell me I would be re-hired for next year. There is a new woman in charge this year and she is doing things in a very slow fashion. The lady I dealt with in the past wanted to make sure all loose ends were taken care of before school was out. The new woman doesn't seem concerned with this. I talked with the principal and she said she would love to keep me around if they are going to have my position next year. She is supposed to talk to the new woman this week to find out for me when they will make the decisions on who to re-hire for next year. The principal is also going to try to push if I do get to come back to have me be on a probationary contract instead of a temporary contract which would put me on track to get tenure. So... I need to have a signed contract ASAP.

Life- I finally did get my car back this past week. Hooray! Now we wait to get reimbursed for all the $ I had to shell out for the rental and such. I am currently down 30 pounds on the year. Summer vacation starts soon... My mom is going to have knee surgery in June. Charlie, Morgan and I have set up to go on a mini vacation in July. Paul and I are trying to figure out what to do with our vacation in August. My 10 year HS reunion is coming up in November, which means TK will be out for a visit! And hopefully I can get a trip to Vegas squeezed in somewhere so that I can see Melissa again, 8 yrs is such a long time!

So that is what is up currently and in the foreseeable future...

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