Friday, March 07, 2008

Random sports stuff...

When the Rams released 63 year old wide receiver Isaac Bruce last week, I joked to my Ram fan friend Pablo that the 49ers would probably sign him and pair him with Darrell Jackson to form the NFL's first geriatric receiving corp. Looks like the jokes on me. It actually happened 2 days later. I weep for my team. I actually thought they were pulling it together before last season.

Golfer Tripp Isenhour is in trouble with the law for hitting a protected hawk with a golf ball and trying to cover it up. Luckily for me, I don't think the duck I shot down back in high school was endangered. Isenhour also took several shots to hit his bird, so I guess we all know who the better golfer is.

Usually it takes me a while to get in the mood for the baseball season to start, but I was very happy when I happened to find the first Dodgers spring training game on the radio last week. I have no idea how they'll do this year. I hope Joe Torre plays the young guys more than Grady Little did last year. They've got a lot of talent there, but they need the experience of playing every day.

Shockingly, the worst Red Sox move this year is actually working out. Here's hoping Bartolo Colon makes the roster and takes a game against the Angels. I can hear Nick screaming already. =)

It's getting close to the time of year when I actually pay attention to basketball. The tournament brackets should be out this week and the NBA is close to the playoffs. I don't like most of the Lakers, but since I don't have favorite team, I just root for the hometown.

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