Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meep, meep, meep, meep, meep....

While my parents are off at my cousin's wedding, we are housesitting. The dog was sent off to the puppy hotel, but the cat would have nothing to do with that. So I've been keeping her company the past couple of days. She usually wants to be petted a lot and will roll around at your feet until you pet her. Not this time though. When we try and pet her, she runs away. However, she comes back a few minutes later and will just stand there meowing. Actually she never learned how to meow so it's more of a meep sound. I really wish she'd learn more words though. I don't know if she wants something or if she's just really bored. All I do know is that for the last hour she's been staring at me, refusing to shut up.

If she's trying to sway me from being a dog person, this isn't helping her cause.

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NeW wAvE said...

Ha ha I've heard her do this before. It is funny because she won't stop and she keeps going and going and going ... it is impressive.