Monday, February 18, 2008

Luckiest Woman Ever

So on Thursday my dear Mom was enjoying her starbucks when she accidentaly spilled it. Some ran down into the outside pocket of her purse where her brand NEW motokrazer was! She tried to dry it off but it wouldnt turn on. She tried plugging it in and drying it out and waited a few days.

When I came down on Saturday she explained what happened. I did my best to dry out the inside of the phone and make sure there was no evidence of water damage. We plugged it in and got the buttons to light up, it made noise as if it was turning on and off but the screen was blank.

On Sunday we tried again. We could see ever so faintly the verizon logo on the screen but the phone would not dial or answer phone calls. Today my mom drove over to our local store and looking as sad as she could muster up explained to the nice salesman what happened and that we havent even had the phones a month. He looked at the phone said there was no sign of water damage and then proceeded to type a bunch of stuff into the computer. He is sending the phone back as defective and asked my mom to wait a few minutes. He then came out of the back with a BRAND NEW phone for her.

I am convinced that had it been me or Paul who this happened to and we walked into the store that they would have looked at us and said, "Sorry you didnt get the insurance. You can purchase a new phone for a couple hundred dollars."

In any case I am glad that she didn't have to go back to her old phone after only 3 weeks of having her nice new phone. Congrats Mom and NO more starbucks near the celly :)

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