Sunday, February 03, 2008

I called it

This afternoon we headed up to "the bra" as Paul and Bradley call it to watch the super bowl. I got some work done while others napped and read the paper and magazines. Finally it was 3pm and time for the football festivities to begin. There was much football watching and at half time Paul and Bradley had the Wii Play tournament.

We were also treated to some grilled burger, chips and dip along with brownies for dessert. I have said since I knew who was going to the super bowl that New England was going to lose. I am glad that it was a close game it kept it much more exciting. Paul was very close to winning some cash money from a squares game. But in the end when NY scored their final goal it was Bradley who ended up winning about $250.

I am sad fooseball is over but excited because that means that baseball is just around the corner. Yippy!

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jeri said...

Ric and I were at Lowe's yesterday afternoon, marveling at how quickly we got served and how easy the drive was when suddenly we remembered: everyone else is watching the Super Bowl. Score for us!