Thursday, February 07, 2008


Today was our benefits fair at work. I will be dropping my medical, dental, and vision coverage as of March 1. Cyndi has a better health plan at her work so if all goes as we've been told, I should be able to be covered through her work and not miss any days of coverage. I'll be able to stay with Kaiser which is what I needed due to my ongoing blood clot treatment. The difference is that Cyndi's plan has a lower co-pay, plus they don't take anything out of her check. If I stayed on at my work it was going to go up to $80 per check. Since Cyndi is still on a year to year contract we made sure that I would still be able to get coverage through my work should she not be offered a contract for the fall. We're praying that the transition goes smoothly, but I'll be stocking up on my pills and getting my blood tested right at the end of the month just in case.

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