Saturday, July 30, 2011

Creepy Flyers

[In case you are keeping track, we are still back in April playing catch-up]

While down in SD I was cleaning my moms place and noticed what I thought was some kitty barf on the wall next to a table. It looked old and dried up, however I still thought it was odd that it was on the wall. Being the girl I am I found the longest broom we had and touched the area with it from as far away as possible. What happened shocked me, dozens of little flying things (bout half the size of a fly) started falling on the floor from where I was poking around. I continued to get all the "dirt" off the wall. and there was a crater. I didn't know what those little bugs were but if they were damaging the wall like that it was not good news. Once mom got home from work I pointed out the spot and explained the little bugs. She called an exterminator who came over bout a week or so later.

The diagnosis? TERMITES! The FLYING kind.
On the left is the hole found under all that "dirt". The photos on the right are what the Orkin man did, drilled lots of holes in the floors, under the sinks, around the perimeter of the house and large ones in a wall all to make sure those flyie guys were gone and wouldn't come back. We now have a protection against the crawlers and the flyers of the bug variety.

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