Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last Friday we met up with Ric & Jeri at Camelot for a mini golf throw-down!
 The competition was fierce.
Round 1: P-53, C-44, R-52, J-56

Round 2: P-56, C-57, R-45, J-58
Really it was just a couple of holes that had a certain shot not been missed it would have been a totally different ball game. AND C, R and J all had INSANE, INCREDIBLE, AWESOME shots where we all stood there and thought "did that just happen"!

Nearing the end of our evening we came across a little bunny that R decided he needed to chase, the bunny didn't run away really... just circled the tree with R. Quite amusing from my vantage point.
There shall be a re-match!

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Sherida said...

How fun! We love to mini-golf. LOL about Ric and the rabbit!