Thursday, November 04, 2010

Vaca '10 Day 6 Part 1

August 12th

We woke super early today. We had time for one day in San Fran and wanted to cram as much as we could into it. We drove up to the city and parked near the ball park then walked over and picked up metro passes.

Our first stop was lunch at Ike's!

Ike's was featured on Man v. Food so we wanted to give it a try. The sandwiches were amazing! Cyndi had a take on the Monte Cristo while Paul enjoyed a "We're just friends" sandwich. There is no place to sit and enjoy your sandwich though, which was a bummer. We just found a stoop around the corner to devour ours.
[there are rumors that one will be opening up much closer to home]

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Moe said...

What a super fun trip!!!