Monday, November 22, 2010

Eastside: Workout!

 Everyone on the cruise was allotted 1 workout session with Jill.  It was definitely the highlight of my trip. I managed to find my way into a couple more. I was able to snatch a spot in the front row during 2 workouts, Jill said that if you couldn't do something due to injury or ability then to just keep moving. During the workout she busted into an advanced Yoga move I decided it was time to dance for the DJ. I busted out The Carlton. Jillian saw me and gave me a nod/laugh "Ha! Nice" along with a thumbs up.

Most of you know that I am an avid BL watcher and have tried to get on the show a few times so being able to be worked out by Jill was awesome. By the end I of course was not sure if I would ever walk up-right again. Each workout was supposed to be 60 min. however one of the nights she didn't have anywhere else to be directly after the workout so she was not limited to that time and as some goofballs complained about one of the exercises well, lets just say the TV Jill came out. It was over 90min straight with no break!

At the end of the workouts she had everyone lay back, palms up, eyes closed. Then she just talked to us, inspirational jargon mostly. It was quite moving though. To just be in that moment, the weather perfect, just having completed an intense workout, hearing exactly the things you needed to. Difficult to describe but quite amazing!

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Holly Coleman said...

That is so cool. I would love to work out with her!