Tuesday, June 29, 2010


On our last day in MN the mom and I decided to take a tour boat on a 90 min. ride down the Mississippi River. The weather was pleasant but very windy. I wish the camera could have captured some of the surroundings better, it was just so beautiful.
There were plenty of different types of birds. Swallows, Eagles and this guy were all about.

A cool looking bridge
The Mom

Twin City
On our ride I noticed a cave up in the side of the rock formations above the river. At first I thought the writing on the right said "why pay rent" I am not so sure what it says now. However I am sure that is a chick squatting in there (literally).


crystal said...

It looks to me like it says "why oh why oh why"


Cyndi, bringin the heat. I love these series of posts. I have also never eaten at a White Castle, but have only ever heard good things. The pics made me miss back east. Keep on postin!!!