Sunday, June 27, 2010

Man V. Food

I have never eaten at White Castle before and so when we happened upon one by chance I knew we just had to make a quick stop to give it a try.

I also took my mom to a couple of the places as seen on the show Man V. Food. The 5-8 club was a speakeasy back in the day. A burger called the Juicy Lucy is apparently what everyone flocks there to have. The cheese was inside the burger patty. So melty and delicious. Mom and I split the burger and fries.
I totally forgot to get a photo of the food here. It was quite a different taste. We had the pulled chicken and beef with sides of black eyed peas with cornbread and sweet potatoes with spicy sausage on top. It was quite enjoyable, if you are ever in the neighborhood I would suggest you stop by.

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