Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sand Storm

On Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY, Paul and I got up stupid early because I wanted to go out and be a part of the first episode of BL10. We headed to Venice Beach for the taping and a workout with Jillian Michaels. I also took the opportunity to fill out another application to be on the show. I was stoked when I noticed other contestants from past seasons showing up. I tried to grab a photo with all of them as well as Dr. H.
Ali looking adorable as always!
Jillian looking cold as always. I love her sense of humor. I did not love the pushups or mountain climbers in the sand when the wind was creating a sand storm! Also I would like to mention that jumping jacks in the sand can be quite difficult.
Past contestants went up on stage to help Jill with the warm-up.
Three potential contestants for season 10 did a 500 step-up challenge, the first 2 that finished were immediately taken in the limo to the ranch. We all completed this challenge along side them. And for your information I BEAT all three of the potential contestants at the step-ups!
Paul doing his step-ups
Ali counting down & congratulating the winner on finishing.

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