Sunday, November 29, 2009


Since 2003 we have been Black Friday shoppers, although we did miss one year due to being out of state. Our first year was spent outside of a Best Buy, the following years were Circuit City. With Circuit City having gone out of business this past year we looked the ads over and decided since Paul needed new jeans from Old Navy and we really wanted to get Lego Rock band it would be the best place to begin our holiday shopping at. The thing that was great about this year was we didn't have to sit outside till 5am!

We got to ON about 12:30am, there was less than a dozen people in front of us we were kinda surprised. Across the street at Best Buy the line wrapped around the building, parking lot and out on to the sidewalk along the street. Paul got settled in line and I headed to grab the gift card we forgot at home, some blankets and coffee. Then we sat and waited, talked, flipped through the ads and listened to the crazies next to us. At 2:30 the employees handed out wristbands for those who would receive the free video game. Paul and I both wanted to try on some jeans so this was not a run in grab what we came for and leave, because of this the line in the store to pay became longer than the line outside. The Mr. and I waited for over 1 1/2 hours to make our purchases.

Since it was nearing 5am by this time we made a plan and headed to Target, as we were parking they opened the doors. We went to the back of the line and waited our turn to be let inside. It was quite packed in there! Target apparently doesn't think that handing out tickets for big items before letting hundreds of people in the store is a valid idea.

Next up was Best Buy which was easy to get in since they already opened doors the hour before we arrived. After comparing styles, makers, and prices we picked out a laptop for my mom. Then it was time to stand in line again. While waiting our turn to check out we came to the conclusion that we needed SLEEP!

Back to my moms for us and to bed! The pair of us woke up for lunch, then it was time for Round 2 at the mall! The three of us walked the entire mall, hitting any store we needed something in. Around 830pm it was time to call it a day. Back to the house to relax and pack up all the treasures we found.

Paul and I made sure to follow one another home to make sure neither of us was to tired to drive.

It was another successful Black Friday!
NOW on to Cyber Monday.

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