Monday, November 09, 2009

The Great Blackout of '09

Curly came over for a sleepover last night. As we were hanging out watching the tele and playing on the computer at 2am all of a sudden the entire place went black. Figuring it was just a glitch we sat and waited for a moment to see if the power would return. It didn't. We are not exactly prepared for this sort of situtation so I fumbled through the drawers to find a lighter and then we walked room to room gathering candles. Paul scouted out the situtation and found the entire area had gone dark, someone hit a power source with their vechile. So we settled in to wait out the darkness. The candles gave us enough light to gather round the table and play some old fashion board games. Gizmo survived his first blackout.


Amy said...

i hope gizmo was slightly brighter than my own kitty that singed her whiskers getting too close to a candle to smell it because she liked it's scent

Cyn said...

that photo is the closest he got to the candles. i was glad he didnt try to jump up on the table with them or anything.