Saturday, November 07, 2009

Get 'em done!

Ack! I have crunched the numbers and due to numerous breaks from exercise this year (when I was feeling so overwhelmed that I just stayed in bed) I still have 135 miles to make it to my goal for this year. Ever year over the past 3 years I have tried to complete a certain number of track miles. In 2007 I tried for a lofty goal of 700 miles, I fell short and only hit 400. 2008 I decided to try and complete 100 miles more than the previous year and finished just over 500. So in 2009 once again I bumped up my miles by 100. In order to complete this task I will need to complete 2.5 miles over the next 55 days OR 3.5 miles over 39 days (getting rid of weekends). As long as I stay focused this should not be difficult, the problems come when I miss 1 day, and is twice as hard to go the following day, then it just snowballs.

I am asking if someone, anyone would try and check in once a week and see if the number of miles is going up on the side of my blog. If the number isn't going up then call me out! I would really appreciate it. :)

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Leslie said...

Wish you were closer so we could walk together..I do better with a are doing good..keep it up!!