Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still an Infertile Myrtle

It has been a long 7 months since we have updated on here about what is going on with our infertility process. We are not going to go into graphic explanations and specifics of everything, if you want to know that stuff you can google the names of the medical procedures.

After meeting with the infertility specialist in March we were told that they could find no medical reason for why we cannot get pregnant.

There are certain things the doctors will try in order to give a better chance of conceiving even when they cannot pin point what the problem is. So at the beginning of Cyndi's cycle in April she went into meet with the infertility nurses. The nurse did a Transvaginal Echography Ultrasound to check for abnormalities which would mean we were not a candidate to move forward at this point. Cyndi was cleared and we were started on the first of 3 Clomid cycles. Multiple times Cyndi had to go back in for the ultrasound to see if the medication was working, during each month and it was. For 3 months we used Clomid and insemination. Unfortunately we never got the news we wanted to hear.

Most medical companies have strict policies about how long they will have you on Clomid. Kaiser will only do it for 3 months, then you have to go back and meet with the Dr. to talk about what the next steps are and what additional tests need to be run. We had that Dr. appointment in August and we were told that Cyndi would have to go in and have a Sono-hystergram.

In September it was finally time for Cyndi to go in and have the Hystergram, which according to Cyndi was very unpleasant. This procedure let us know that there were no issues internally. So to sum it up, the Drs. still do not have any reason we shouldn't be able to conceive.

Next up is a meeting with the Infertility Nurses to discuss what happens now.

Please remember to respect that we do not want to go into more detail than what has been put on the blog. We praise God for strength as we have been moving through this process. Paul and Cyndi are grateful for all the test results that have come back with absolutely nothing wrong with either of us but it is also frustrating that there is not a "problem" we can fix. Our marriage is strong, and we continue to lean on each other because no matter what happens we are lucky to have one another for always.

We would love your prayers as this is emotionally, physically and financially draining for us, and especially the financial aspect as Cyndi is a trooper and can get through the physical pain and emotionally we have each other, our friends, family and God to turn to.

Thank you for all the support, hugs, prayers and love you have given to us through this process.

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Kelly Suiter said...

My thoughts and Prayers are with you both! The Bible says God will give you the desires of your heart. We all know how much you desire to have a baby. God has perfect timing for these things! Love you!