Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"It takes longer."

"It costs more to have someone born than to have someone killed!" Tina Fey in Baby Mama

From what I have learned in talking with the infertility nurses and reading stories from different folks there are few people who have a copay or don't have to pay anything out of pocket for infertility treatments. The majority of couples have to pay 50% or 100% of the cost for their infertility treatments.

50% at Kaiser is as follows...

Preliminary lab tests $134.00
Initial visit w/ infertility doctor $140.50
Nurse visit w/sonogram (multiple times a month) $130.00
Follow up visit w/ IUI (once a month) $204.50
Follow up visit w/infertility doctor $95.50
Nurse visit $40.00
Hysterosalpingogram w/inj $351.50
hCG prescription (per month) $ 24.02
Clomid prescription (per month) $14.67

This takes you through first visits, 3 months of treatment on Clomid, and a look inside to make sure nothing is blocked. If one was to move on to the next step it would get insanely more expensive. The injectible drugs which would be used cost between $300-600 a month, and that is just one of the medications and assumes you can get by on the lowest dosage!

I am just sharing because it blows my mind how much those who cannot conceive and want to so badly pay for even a small chance at it.


Erin Collins said...

holy cow. don't tell me you're paying student loans on top of that

Kelly said...

Wow! Cyndi, I continue to pray that God will do a miracle for you! Love you!

Cyn said...

E- yes we are paying student loans as well. still have a number of years left on those.

Kel- thank you! i appreciate your prayers so much.

Moe said...

If you have to move on to the injectible drugs you might want to price out of the county. Tricia and Shawn found they were almost 1/2 the price from France or Mexico. Just something to think about...

Nick and I continue to faithfully pray that God will fulfill the desires of your heartS.

Love you friend.

Cyn said...

the problem with going out of the country is timing. because of complications that can arise with the injectible drugs i could be prescribed kaiser watches you very closely. and the timing of getting the drugs, trusting they are the right dosage etc. it would be insane. with kaiser when you move on to injectibles you are seen by the infertility nurses every other day. depending on your levels you could need more or less of the medication if i didnt order the right amount everything could get messed up in the middle of a cycle. i have read stories of others who have bought the injectibles overseas and i do not know how it all worked out for them but there are too many variables for us to try that.

thanks for the love and prayers.