Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Vaca '09 Day 8

After a long slumber we rose and devised a plan for the day. First up was to appease the grumbling in our tumbley. Then, upon Cyndi's request we headed over to the gun range. We decided to use the WWII package and each got to shoot 3 different weapons.

There was then some lounging around, walking around Las Vegas Blvd. and dinner back at the hotel. Paul wanted to head over to Fremont Street since Cyndi had never been over there (to her recollection). We enjoyed watching street vender's painting photos, had our photo taken with a million dollars and of course stopped off to try out some deep fried oreos (also a first for Cyndi). After that we called it a night and headed into get some shuteye.


Hutch said...

Aww...my wife looks so cute when she's killing things!

Erin said...

oh crap, Cyndi with a gun. remind me if I ever need a bodyguard, you got a job