Sunday, June 28, 2009


I don't care if we're "funny" as long as we win money!

I was down in SD when the news broke that Brad might be able to set up an audition for the Family Feud! Once we got an official time slot Amy and I packed up our stuff and headed for the apartment.

The following morning we all woke up and got ourselves ready. The auditions were taking place at a hotel near Universal Studios. There were about 21 families in the room at our time slot. The family had to fill out an application, and then the casting department called up 2 families at a time to do a mock game consisting of 2 survey questions.

Bradley, Amy, Paul, Leslie and myself were about the 5 group asked to come up. We think we did fairly well. We were able to steal points from the other family and when it was our turn we only got two buzzes and swept the board. We were the only family to not get buzzed out. GO US!

If the casting director liked us enough and thought we would do well on stage we will get a postcard in about 2 weeks letting us know. Then we would just wait for a call as to when we would be scheduled.

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