Friday, May 22, 2009

Main Street USA

The Heaton's are in town!

They were spending the day at Disneyland so once we were off work we headed out to meet up with them. We had a good time walking around, catching up and even got on a couple rides. Because it is graduation season DCA is closing at 6pm, and Disneyland at 9pm. It was a bummer there was no fireworks show.

The most exciting thing was that just before we found Kenny and Carie they had been on Thunder Mountain Railroad and a girl in front of them decided it was a good idea to stand up! This triggered the ride to stop, everyone had to wait about 10 minutes and then a cast member came and walked them off the ride. While they were waiting this girl decided to try and stand up AGAIN! Not a smart cookie. She got a talkin to when they were walking everyone out. While Paul and I were walking up to meet up with K&C, the girl escorted by two security guards walked by and Paul overheard them talking to her about calling her father to come get her.

A little while later Carie's cousin met up with us. We talked about it and decided to go on Thunder Mountain Railroad so that K&C could "finish" their ride. We waited through the line and the ride operators tried to put K&C and Kristen all in one seat, which didn't work out so Kristen waited for the next train. When our train pulled back into the depot it stopped short a couple feet from where it should. The ride broke AGAIN! We were at a point where we could get off at the exit BUT Carie's cousin was now stuck on the ride! What are the odds? Kenny was sad that he wasn't on that train because he thought it would be cool to say he got stuck in the middle of Thunder Mountain twice.

The five of us stayed till the park closed, Kenny and Carie picked up a couple things for the kids, we talked a bit longer and then parted ways. It is always good to spend time with them. I am glad we will be able to see them again before they head back to Seattle next week.

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