Monday, May 25, 2009

Can You Dig It

I am loving this work 4 days 3 days off! We have been keeping busy but it has really rejuvenated me spending time with the people I have had the pleasure to hang out with. We started our weekend early with the trip to D-land with the Heatons. Then as soon as work was out Friday Paul and I loaded up the car and headed to Idyllwild till late Saturday. Sunday I headed down to SD, enjoyed time with Erin, TK, mom, KJ, D! Photos and details to come... off to enjoy the rest of my day!


Erin said...

we should have taken a picture of us at our movie date, since it is a very rare occasion that i go to the movies.

jeri said...

glad you've been having a good time! only a few weeks left of school to go. hey, will you be out on the track on wednesday?

Cyn said...

E- aww yea we should have! next time. :)

Jer- :) yes maam i will be there. wont be around Tue or Thurs this week.

sarah said...

I thought fo sho that there would be most excellent pictures up, but you've never let me down before!~
I loved having you guys up, and I wish that I could have spent another half-day with you!!!