Thursday, December 25, 2008

6 mile T-town loop

I set out this fine evening for a jog around the quaint town I grew up in. I headed towards my High School stomping grounds then onward past Starbucks and Blockbuster, VGC and darkness. Up Rueda I flew. It was at this point I was glad to be wearing only a long sleeved shirt and t-shirt because a sweatshirt would have made me too hot. A few hundred yards from the corner of Rueda and Clairemont Mesa the sky began sputtering a few drip drops of rain. Not much of this did I think as I enjoy a sprinkle. A few feet further and the sky let out a grunt and unleased all the liquid it was holding. A minute or two later the wind began whipping. So now I am not only damp but it have added the biting cold. By the time I reached the Catholic Church I was soggy when I passed De Portola I was dripping wet and at the intercetion of Santo and Clairemont I was sopping and finally I reached home and was soaked to the bone. I have sense thawed myself out from the cold and wet. Lesson learned... I should have left an hour earlier than I did.

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Carrie McMillan said...

I got rained on too!! But we had gone earlier...11:00am-ish, and so were not TOTALLY soaked like you, from the evening rain!! Makes for a grand adventure!!!