Saturday, November 08, 2008

Where's all the snow?

August 11th 2008

We started the day off with a brisk walk around town before our tour was ready to leave.
Our tour began with a bus ride to where part of the shoreline met up with an Alaskan rain forest. Then we headed on foot through the rain forest. Where we saw beautiful greenery, cool looking trees, and some wildlife of the bug and bird persuasion. After our very short hike we reached the center of Totem Bright Park. Where we saw incredible totems all around. Our guide told us stories and the history of a few of the totems.
This is one awesome lady we were able to meet. She carves totems for a living. It takes her over 6 months working with apprentices to complete one totem pole.
P & C each took a turn being the low man on the totem pole.
The next stop was a sanctuary for rescued eagles who would never be able to be returned to the wild because of injuries they sustained. We could have sat there and looked at these magnificent birds all day.
This guy started calling out which was a very cool experience.
This is the salmon hatchery we visited. We learned how the hatchery works and about the 5 types of salmon. (can anyone name them all? no cheating)
Last stop of the day before heading back to town was a building where they house old totem poles which were rotting away due to Alaska's harsh elements. These are over 100 years old they're now housed inside to preserve as long as possible.
We had some time after the guided tour was over, so we walked back over to town to look around. While walking around we noticed this church so we decided to stop in and look at the beautiful stained glass windows.
On our way back to the ship we looked through some stores and stopped by the post office to mail a few things . It was then all aboard time. We spent the evening playing trivia, watching the stage performance and enjoying a nice meal.

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