Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Out and About in Seattle

August 6th, 2008
We arrived in Seattle.For the first part of vacation we headed up to Seattle to visit friends and see the sights. We toured Seattle's underground city! Never before had we heard the stories of the terrible sewage system or the fire that took out the city. It was interesting to see how they used a tour of city which the fire destroyed in order to make money to rebuild.High on our list of places to see was OF COURSE the first Starbucks. Everyone grabbed a coffee and some photos then we moved on to Pike's Place and walked around all the booths of fresh fruit, crafts and goods for sale. Cyndi outside the museumsExperience Music Project was incredible. They have so many artifacts and cool things to try out.Next door is the Science Fiction museum so we wandered through there as wellThis is the Fremont Troll he is made of concrete and lives under a bridge that is part of a freeway he even has a real VW bug under his hand. The Fremont Troll is becoming a well known attraction.This is the Heaton family they were our gracious hosts. Everyone had a good time catching up and visiting sites. All around Fremont they had different sculpture and cement figures. Citizens come and dress them up and decorate them for fun. Here are the boys Kenny, Caleb and Hutch waiting for the bus.This is a refinery type place that caught on fire or exploded or something, the resourceful people of Seattle turned it into a park for children to play in. They repainted part of it in bright colors for all the chillins.

Paul and Cyndi goofing off.

Kenny and Paul posing for the camera

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