Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kickin it ol' school '98 what what!

circa June 1998
On Friday I will be going to my 10 year HS reunion. I know what you're thinking Cyndi cannot possibly be old enough to have been out of HS for 10 years, or well at least I am thinking that. I have mixed feelings about going. There will be a handful of peeps that it will be good to see again, who I just lost touch with, without meaning to. But I feel inadequate to be there like I should have done more by now. Luckily I will have my TK and Erin there with me. So I will go with a positive attitude (and maybe a few drinks in me) and we WILL have a good time.

circa October 2008

Oh and a question for you all, what is dressy casual? That is our dress code. I know what dressy is and I know what casual is. I even know what business casual is but what on earth is dressy casual? Help a sista out.


jeri said...

You do realize that some people from your school won't have even gone to college yet, right? You have gotten two degrees from college, gotten a grown-up job, gotten married and been married FOREVER, and have a place where you can have a pet. Those may sound like small things, but they all take a lot of work to get to, and you've been up to plenty since you graduated high school. :)

Amy said...

dressy casual i would say is like a skirt and top or nicer pants and a shirt...