Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yesterday while my mom was at work, she tripped on a box and fell. At first she was going to drive herself home, but then discovered she couldn't even make it out of her department. So my dad was called to take her to the doctor where they found she broke two bones in her right foot.

She's obviously not thrilled. She doesn't have to have a cast, but she will be wearing one of those big boots for a while. I think the fact it's on her driving foot is the worst part for her. Workers comp should cover her for this one, so that will help out.

Because her mobility is somewhat limited, my brother decided to promote my sister to "mom". The dog was then promoted to "sister", the cat to "dog", and the toaster to "cat". My mom has been demoted to the role of "toaster", but is eligible to recover her position once she is feeling better. Everyone seems to be adjusting to their new roles quite nicely.

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