Monday, April 28, 2008

My Weekend = DRAMA

Morgan and I headed down to SD on Friday night. We were on our way to Amy's apartment when while on College a truck that was two lanes over decided to move into our lane (left turn) but his right blinker remained on. I joked to Morgan that we had better stay away from that guy and stayed back an extra half car length so we could see what he was going to do when he turned. We made our way on to Montezuma and he was driving fine but a little slow so I decided to go around him. About a block and a half later while he was in the left lane and we were in the right he decided to make a RIGHT turn and plowed into the side of my car. I was not impressed.

I had barely gotten the car turned off and opened the door when he came running over apologizing. He reeked of alcohol and he just kept saying my buddy told me to turn right so I did (no one was in the car with him), I just wasn't thinking. My tire was hissing, rim is bent, and possibly the axle. Part of the plastic around the wheel was bent up inside the back door. The door seems a bit bent and just a couple of scratches.

This damage was caused by his front bumper hitting the side of my car. My back hurts and I have been to the doctor. I have been given muscle relaxers and have to go back at the end of this week if it is not feeling better. I am just thankful that I was able to steady the car and that it wasn't any worse than it is. We could have easily been spun around and gone into another car parked on the side of the road, or a house or wall that were also right near where this happened.

My car has just been picked up from my moms house and towed to a repair shop that our insurance company deals with. Now I wait to hear from the adjuster and the collision repair shop to see just how bad the damage is...


jeri said...

Did the guy get arrested?

Mom H said...

Poor Baby...Poor, poor Baby...glad you weren't hurt badly...hope your insurance goes after this guy in a big way