Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Don't faint... I am wearing a dress

Paul and I enjoyed the day together on Good Friday as it was the first day of my spring break. On Saturday I headed down to SD as I needed to get the kitties to the pet hotel while my mom and I would be gone. It was quite the traumatizing experience for ME! After the kitties were safely taken care of I went over to SDSU to pick up the SIL. We had dinner and then hung out at the house doing laundry and whatnot. On Sunday we got up early and headed over to church.

Here's mom and I after the service.We had an invitation to the Robinson's for brunch so that is where we headed next. It seemed like everyone was there, so many of our old neighbors and friends. It was a treat to see the Butterfields again and catch up on all that is going on. Sadly their kids were not able to make the trip out but it sounds like they are doing some pretty exciting things with their lives.

After brunch mom and I headed back home to finish getting packed for the adventures that laid ahead for the remainder of the week. Then we headed to L.A.

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