Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Photo week 4

I was right about the portraits section being a multiple week assignment. He actually wants us to cover it in next week's class too. The week after that is spring break, so the final picture won't be turned in until the end of class on April 2. It's a good thing too, because I didn't like how most of my shots turned out. This will give me lots of time to tweak things a bit and shoot more / re-shoot others that were close. I'm not going to post any of what I have so far. I'd hate for those people to refuse me in the following weeks.

We had to get up and discuss the pictures we turned in last week. The teacher passed around all three of my pictures for people to see up close. Only one other picture from the rest of the class got that treatment! I'm the winner! There's one other guy in the class that I think takes amazing shots, but he was a bit off this week. I still have 110% in the class. I'm hoping that will help balance out some other less than spectacular grades from my college career.

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Sherida said...

Do you still need help with the portraits?