Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Momma Ratted You Out

There is a CRAZY police pursuit going on right now. He has been all over East LA. The 710 and 5 freeways, Whittier Blvd., Pico, Atlantic etc. At one point this white Escalade spun out and was going backward on the freeway, then spun back around and was disabled for a minute. He got the car started again and took off at a high speed. This guy has also done something I havent seen before which is driving on some train tracks and busting through a couple of barriers. I am not sure how long this chase was going on but the 2 o'clock news started with this story and that was 40 minutes ago. Officers just said that this gentleman was recently released from prision for weapons charges. How did these officers find this out.... well they talked to his momma. I will update later with how this thing ends.

edits: Okay he just drove into a parking lot that is in between a park and a school and went up on to the grass area and started doing doughnuts, once around a cop car because he was out of control. He regained control and continued through the park and onto a sidewalk that led out the opposite side. He then continued up the street.

edits again: Police laid down a spike strip and are taking him into custody. He is on Record St. just south of Whittier. That has got to be one of the most insane pursuits I have ever seen.

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