Friday, February 22, 2008

Journal 2/22/08

It was a lazy day for me. I slept in. I've been real tired this week so it was nice to not be getting up early. When I got up I ate and checked my email before heading over to Biola. I sold our second printer to a girl there. She was tiny and the box was huge. I offered to take it to her dorm instead of giving it to her in the middle of campus, but she said she'd be ok and walked off struggling to carry the thing. Hey, I offered. I should have worked out while I was there, but again, I was feeling lazy.

When Cyndi got home we got it together and headed down to the Block. We ate at Quiznos, then walked around a bit. I took my camera to work on my assignment. We spent a lot of time getting action shots at the Van's Skate Park. I got a few I like, but I need to master the shutter speed. I'll work on it before tomorrow's activity. After that we went to see Charlie Bartlett. We had a free ticket, and when we paid for the other one we found we had racked up enough points to earn another free ticket. The movie was ok. Not as good as I expected, but it did hit on a lot of things I talk to my kids about at work.

We came home, watched a little tv, and checked the lottery results. The tickets I had in the pool at work were about as bad as they could get. No $270 million for me today. I chatted with mom some and watched Leno.


lisa d said...

why would you watch leno? is letterman back in the hospital??

Hutch said...

CBS only shows the "snow show" after about 8:30 at our place.