Monday, April 03, 2006

Mini Trip

On March 21-22 we took a mini vacation. Paul booked a little cottage place up in Solvang. We walked around all the little shops and had a great time.

Here is Paul in a cool telephone booth in front of the bakery.
I really wanted to go to Andersen's so we had dinner there. Paul and I even split a bowl of pea soup. It was pretty good. We had some decent Monte Cristo sandwiches as well. After dinner we went over to the Indian Casino and playing slots for awhile.

Before heading home we decided to stop by the Regan Library, I went there once last summer but they have since opened the Air Force 1 wing which is way cool. They took the plane apart and completely remade it inside the building.


jeri said...

Haha. My childhood is a series of pictures taken with my head sticking out of one of those gimmicky boards in Solvang. I'll have to go back one of these days.

Darth said...

hmm those freaky deaky dutch!

There are only two things i hate in this world...racial intolerance, and the dutch!